“Lisa’s extensive financial background is impressive, but her personal money management is why you want her as your money coach.  She has a solid “system” in place to make both creating your budget (as well as managing it), less intimidating and even “fun”!  Most importantly however, is Lisa’s dedication to seeing that her client is successful in first pinpointing financial goals, and then carrying out the measures that are put in place, to make a sustainable lifetime change in personal money management.  Her integrity and compassionate nature are second to none, which is crucial when dealing with such a sensitive issue as one’s personal finances.”

Littleton, CO

“In January 2014, I had reached a point in my finances that I knew if I didn’t get help, I would not be able to survive financially.  For years, I had made a lot of money, had lots of credit cards and lived from month to month off of my business.  When 2008 hit, companies were cutting their consulting budgets and my business suffered as a result. I had a hard time facing the fact that my business was declining, because as a single mom, raising two girls, I was enormously proud and didn’t want anyone to know how really bad off I was.

I met with Lisa and she transformed me – literally – by teaching me not only how to think about money and budgeting but also my view of what I really NEED and what I think I WANT.  Her approach is wholistic.  She helped me through the emotional trauma I experienced with money.

She worked with me for a year.  She was tough and many times, I dreaded calling her each month to go over my budget.  Finally, around October last year the light dawned. I finally found myself thinking differently: I found myself asking, “Do I really need this?  Is there another way or alternative?” “Is it in my budget?”

Now I am so content and serene with my financial well being.  Even though I have very lean means from time to time, I am still able to be at peace that all my bills will be paid each month with even a little to put in savings.  There is no other way I could have made it to where I am now without her”.

Broomfield, CO.

“I was nervous when I started working with Lisa but she helped me work through many of my money issues.  I am definitely in a better place financially because of Lisa’s coaching.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for to help with money problems”.

Parker, CO.

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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandela


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