Coaching Services

Are you not making progress paying off your credit card debt?

 Do you feel anxious or stressed when you look at your credit card statement?   Do you hide purchases from your spouse?  Do you and your spouse ever fight about credit card debt?

Then it’s time for to participate in my “Get out of credit card debt -FAST” coaching session so you can stop being held hostage by your credit cards and start moving towards financial freedom.

How it works:  It’s a 30-minute online questionnaire plus a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with me. The investment is $97.

By the end of the 45 minute session, you will have:

  1. a detailed plan on how to free yourself from credit card debt
  2. a path forward on how to save $1,000’s in interest charges.
  3. Peace of Mind

10 Signs You Might Benefit from Coaching

You try to pay extra on your credit cards only to have the balances go up.

You have consolidated your debt using a service like Lending Tree only to have that payment and additional debt.

You have refinanced your home to use toward debt, but no debt has been paid off.

You and your spouse fight about money.

You live paycheck to paycheck even though you make plenty of money.

You are anxious and stressed out about how much debt you have.

You feel lost about how to start on a plan to get out of debt.

You only pay the minimum payment on your credit cards.

You keep spending money even though you know it will only add more debt.

You have debt and no money in savings.

How The Coaching Process Works

Phase 1:   Organize your Financial Life

In Phase 1, we will get your personal finances organized.  Before we can get you out of debt, we need get a handle on what type of accounts you have and ensure that you have access to all accounts.   Instead of feeling frazzled, you will start to feel in control of your financial life.

You’ll start off thinking “I have no idea where to start” and end up thinking “I know all of my accounts and how to access all of my credit card, student loan, car loan, mortgage, check and savings accounts.”  

Getting your finances organized is the foundation to building a complete and reliable debt elimination plan. 

Phase 2:  Clarify your Financial Dreams

In Phase 2, we will clarify the reasons why you want to get out of debt.  Just saying “I want to get out of debt” is not enough.  We want to looker deeper into the “why” so that we can always come back to that goal during the coaching process.

You will start off thinking,  “I want to get out of debt” and you will end up thinking “I will get out of debt so that I can stop fighting with my spouse about money” or “I want to get out of debt so I can stop living paycheck to paycheck”.   By understanding the bigger “why” will help you stay on track and focused.

Phase 3:  Understand your Money Habits

In Phase 3, we will do a deep dive into your current spending habits and work to understand how your current money habits are contributing to your debt.

You’ll start off with general feelings like “I have no idea how much I spend on a monthly basis” and end up thinking “I can’t believe how much I spend.  Now I know why my debt keeps going up”.  By understanding your spending, you can start to identify what expenses are important and what expenses can be eliminated.  You will understand the root causes of your spending habits and begin to look for solutions to align spending with financial goals.

Phase 4:  Create Your Debt Elimination Strategy Plan

In phase 4, we will develop your debt elimination plan.  We start by looking at what you have learned about your money habits and spending to create an accelerated debt elimination plan. 

You will start by thinking “I will never get out of debt” and end up thinking “I can totally get my debt paid off faster than I thought”.

Phase 5:  Action, Action, Action! 

In phase 5, we will put your debt elimination strategy to work.  Action is the most important step.  We will put all of your new skills to work to get that debt paid off!  We will also continue to work on phase 3 to improve financial habits which will continue to add momentum to your debt plan. 

You will start off thinking “I am frustrated because I want my debt gone now” to “I see my debt going away and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel”.


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