Helping Couples Eliminate Debt

One-on-One Coaching to Help Couples Become Financially Free

Helping Couples Eliminate Debt

One-on-One Coaching to help couples become financially free by getting out of debt.

Getting Out Of Debt Can Feel Impossible

Even the strongest couples struggle with debt


over it

Are you tired of fighting with your spouse about debt?



Do you feel lost about how to get out of debt?



Are you stressed about the amount of debt you have?

Hi, I’m Lisa

I understand how stressful debt can be.  My husband and I had our fair share of credit card debt, student loans, car loans, and so on. We were stressed out, exhausted and over it.

Now we’re debt free and you can be too.

As a certified coach, I help couples eliminate their debt so they can finally have the financial freedom to focus on their bucket list.

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Debt Freedom is 3 Steps Away


To get started, set up a free 30 minute discovery call with me.


I will show you how to build a plan to quickly get out of debt


Together we will put our plan in place and get you out of debt

When I began working with Lisa, I was several thousand dollars in credit card debt, had very little savings, and no real plan to change either one of these areas. Through Lisa’s empowering coaching, consistent reminders and messaging, focus on goal setting and future plans, and patience, I was able to pay off my credit card in six months and have a healthy savings. I was never embarrassed or ashamed to talk to Lisa, in fact, I looked forward to our weekly meetings because I always left feeling more in control than when we started. Lisa and Money Moxey have forever changed my ways with money, savings, and debt and I am so grateful!

Andrea T.

Imagine Your Life Without Debt

Debt Free Vacations

Imagine laying on a beach chair next to your spouse drinking your favorite tropical cocktail. Instead of stressing about how you are going to pay for the vacation, you relax, smile at your spouse, and enjoy the sound of the ocean.


Debt Free Rewards

Imagine being able to buy all of your Christmas gifts with credit reward points instead of more debt.  


Debt Free Shopping

Imagine your spouse coming home from a shopping spree. Instead of feeling sick and worried about how much was spent, you smile and ask what they bought.  Being debt free is awesome. 

“The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started.”

– Mark Twain

Best Kept Secret For Getting Out Of Credit Card Debt – FAST!

Do you feel like you are not making progress on getting out of credit card debt no matter how hard you try?

Do you and your spouse argue about credit card debt or feel anxious and stressed about increasing credit card balances?

Then it’s time for to participate in my “#1 Best Kept Secret to Eliminating Credit Cards 45 minute coaching session so you can stop being held hostage by your credit cards and start moving towards financial freedom.


Ready To Be Debt Free?

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