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Hi!  I’m Lisa, the proud owner of Money Moxey.

I am passionate about helping people build a meaningful relationship with their money and live an enriched life free of money worries.  Many people feel embarrassed and ashamed about their financial choices and are unsure how to improve their situation. I completely understand because several years ago I found myself in a financial position that I was not comfortable in.  I was not happy and felt trapped by my financial decisions. I knew I needed to make a change. It definitely wasn’t easy and it took time. I worked hard to become more conscientious of how and where I spent my money.

I had to make some hard choices about my money and it wasn’t always fun but as time went on, my financial situation got better.   My debt went away, my savings grew and the feeling of being trapped was replaced with a sense of freedom and choice.  It was life changing.  I watched people around me struggle with the same issues I had and I knew I wanted to help.   I set out to learn skills to help people navigate the murky waters of money.  I talked and mentored with other money coaches, I read books, and I studied with organizations that specialized in educating people about money.   With my new skills and my own experience, I developed a process to help people with their money.  My hope for everyone is that they find peace and confidence with their money.  It is possible to have the life you want while being mindful of your money.

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Bachelor Degree in Business Administration-Colorado State University
Master’s Degree in Accounting/Finance – Regis University
Certified Financial Education Instructor
NFEC Speaker
Financial Recovery Institute Training
20+ years Financial Corporate experience

National Financial Educators Council
Financial Recovery Institute
Small Business Development Center

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“Don’t compromise your values for money”

– Lisa Sveland


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